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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Abba Tribute Band - Authentic Costumes - The Abba Kimono

Abba wore these wonderful kimonos in holland in 1976 and many Abba Tribute Bands wear these costumes as Abba were well known for wearing them. They had a big photoshoot wearing them and have an array of fun shots!

We also enjoyed our photoshoot wearing the kimono.
When we had these tailor made we also had the names of our Abba characters put on the back. During the Ever Gold show we take off the kimonos and have another authentic abba costume right underneath.

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We are available for bookings all over the UK and overseas.

We are self-contained , include a light show and full PA. We have many costume changes, a dynamic show, lots of vocal harmonies alike Abba themselves and great choreography. Making it a great show for all audiences , all venues and all age groups.

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